Available:   By Right of Blood

William Fylbrigge arrives at Drumoak in Stonehaven, a frightened, starving, abused child believing he’s been sent to foster with the demon earl Lord Edward, who eats children and sleeps under a quilt made of the skin of his victims — a lie he’s been told his entire young life. William is ill prepared to claim what is his by right of blood and his place among the powerful clan he has been born into. But, under Lord Edward’s guidance and with new friends he meets at Drumoak beside him, young Will blossoms and thrives. But older brother Thomas doesn’t want to share what he thinks is rightfully his, secretly arranging to have the young lad killed in a convenient “accident.” William could lose everything, including his life.

Available at Amazon in both paperback and for the Kindle.

MBK-Kindle-CoverAvailable! My Brother’s Keeper


Fylbrigge is a young idealist who finds himself in a position to bring a voice of reas

on to an otherwise unreasonable world, when he is named heir to his foster father’s Dukedom. Having survived a traumatizing childhood in the cruel care of his older brother and his wife, who used the witch hysteria to their advantage, William takes on the mantel of ‘defender’ to the wrongly accused, gaining the reputation of ‘hero’ among the country folk, and ‘heretic’ among the clergy.

Available at Amazon in both paperback and for the Kindle.





 In the Wake of AshesITWOA-Cover-kindle

In the Wake of Ashes continues the saga of William Fylbrigge, which began in Lorrieann Russell’s first novel, My Brother’s Keeper.In the year 1607, he was an idealist and reluctant heir to the Duke of Stonehaven. A trumped up charge of witchcraft brought about his torture, trial, and apparent death-the only proof of his innocence. Left trapped within a broken body, his memories stolen from him, William Fylbrigge seems condemned to spend the rest of his life confined to an invalid’s chair, forced to live under an assumed identity.Five years later, William “Philbrick” lives peacefully in the tiny settlement of Port Edin, New France, with his wife and their young son. But peace is short-lived. In a cruel twist of fate, an innocent trek into the forest with friends goes terribly awry, and he is once again believed dead, and inadvertently left behind just as his family is called to return to Scotland.Lost, alone, and haunted by nightmarish memories of his former life, William must once again navigate a path through fire, and face again the demons of his past, to reclaim his future-and his life.

Available at Amazon in both paperback and for the Kindle.


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