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Things are really starting to come together . . .

I know I’ve been lax in my posting. I had made a promise to myself that I would keep the blog up to date and write at least five entries each week. Well, as you see, that’s not been the case. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, but my time is pretty tight this time of year.

So what’s happening?

By Right of Blood!

A completely new edit, new cover, new publisher and I’m please to say, new release date of May 29, 2012. My publicist has been working the network of reviewers and has me set up to do a series of guest blogs near the release day. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m ecstatic!

Watch this spot for more information as we get closer to release date. In the meantime, would it kill you to leave me a comment?




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For all intensive porpoises, he’s the spitting image of his father. . . .

If that title made you cringe and shake your head, I’m glad! It means you know there’s something wrong. If you haven’t figured it out, then I invite you to visit

To be sure, I know I have made my share of malapropos statements in my day. I am notoriously bad at spelling and quite frankly would never survive in the wild without my spell checker. But I have learned not to blindly accept everything the squiggly line suggests without being certain it’s giving me good advice. The grammar checker on my word processer has done some really funky things to me over the years, so I have decided to turn the bloody thing off and learn proper usage on my own. I’ve also learned, when in doubt, look it up and if I am still uncertain, then I find another way to say the thing I was trying to say.

What distresses me is to see more and more badly written words, whether they be in blogs, news articles or even just status updates. Yeah, yeah I hear some of you. “It’s the Internet, get used to it. . . that’s how we write!” I reject that argument as lazy. The English language is a living and changing lexicon, but there are also rules that need to learned and followed. Rule number one: Words are spelled with letters only. No numbers allowed!

Learn! Your and you’re are different words that mean different things. An apostrophe designates a possessive or a missing letter — NOT a plural. There are three different words that sound like ‘there’ and they’re not the same in their meanings or spelling. Learn them. And even if you could care less about something I still couldn’t.

Some of the more egregious offenses I’ve come across while reading news articles just this past week: (Have all the journalists abandoned their Style Guides?) :

  • It’s a doggy dog world.
  • It could of / would of/ should of. . . (GAA!)
  • Hung where it should be hanged. (Pictures are hung, people are hanged! Get used to it, that’s how it works!)
  • Using ‘a’ and ‘of’ to frame ‘myriad’. Myriad does not mean ‘variety’. If it did, then ‘a myriad of’ would be correct. The word myriad literally means ‘many’ and should be used the same way the word many is used. You would not say “I have a many of choices to make.” If you’re not sure which way to go, then simply don’t use the word myriad. Choose many or variety instead and you’ll probably avoid the proper usage problem all together.

I know there are many arguments about how words change their meanings so I shouldn’t be so uptight about it. The trouble is that many words have their meanings changed because people don’t take the time or care to use them properly in the first place. Spitting image? Really? Is it too hard to comprehend that it should be “spit and image”? It makes a whole lot more sense that way and sounds a bit more intelligent.

Now, go out and write something!



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And so it begins . . .

One would think that four abandoned blogs for one writer would be more than enough. I certainly think that. But, in the spirit of jump starting my writing, and getting back on track with a daily entry of babble, here I am, starting a new one.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way. What the heck does ‘the refeathering’ refer to? Well, one of the aforementioned abandoned blogs was my long lost Xanga blog: Songbird’s Nest. Why I ever killed that, I will never know. I was faithful to that blog for nearly five years, updating almost daily. I even had a modest following of faithful readers. Then, for no good reason, other than I was upset with some policy changes made by Xanga, in a fit of pique, I unceremoniously deleted the account. Five years of writing — zip. I was instantly aghast at my action. How could I?

I have not been successful in keeping a blog since. Blogger, Live Journal, and WordPress all have seen me come and go. The biggest culprit is not that I have nothing to write, but the fact that logging into them is a hassle. Xanga used to be easy. These others — not so much. There’s a lot of settings and programming and back door things to navigate. Ok, and I kept forgetting my logins and passwords. (I have more email addresses than I could ever need as well, and tend to forget which ones I’ve signed up with.)


The truth is, I’m using WordPress now because it comes with a lot of nice little applications that allow me to update the blog using MS Word, or my iPod. I can hook into my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even add the little +1 thingy for Google+. No excuse now.

So there you are, all the information you didn’t want or need, and probably won’t read.

Here I go again.



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