Laurel May McCary

25 May

Today, I’d like you to meet one very near and dear to me. Her name is Laurel, and though she’s just a slip of a girl, she is far from weak — or meek. This evening we seem to have caught her in the middle of an important encounter. We can just sit quietly and listen. I’m sure she won’t mind.


Oh, hello. I just came by to feed Lucy, and put my feet up for a little while. I dinnae realize I had company. Oh, please dinnae give me that look. I’m only jestin’. Of course I know YOU are always there, even when you’re being so quiet I think you’ve abandoned me.

No, I’m not going to be more careful! Not because I’m being careless, but because I am already being as careful as I can be. Elinor worries far too much. If she would only listen for a moment, she’d know that I am fully ready, willing and capable of teaching Will some of more. . . mystical lessons. After all, she is the one who taught them to me isn’t she. So why is it not right that I teach Will? She trusts him as well as she trusts me, or she would not have started the lessons to begin with.

There, now, Lucy. Some nice turnip shoots for you. My goodness, you certainly eat a lot for a wee mouse.

Aye, I’m paying attention. I told you, I came in to feed Lucy. She cannae very well feed herself. What did you want to tell me?


But I’m simply Laurel. I’m not anyone’s savior, especially his! He’s a nobleman, and I’m . . . just Laurel May McCary, maiden servant to the house of Stonehaven. I dinnae have the power to put anyone onto their proper journey. You must be daft.

NO, forgive me. Of course I didn’t mean. . . I know you are not. . .but me? I know we share lessons but. . . could you mean that I should be teaching him the mystical lessons?

Elinor will never approve.

You have?

She already knows?

Which charm would you have me cast then? And what shall you ask me to give in tribute for your blessing?

Lucy? My little. . .

So mote it be, Mother.

~ ~ ~

If you’d like to know what the task that was given to Laurel by “Mother”, you’ll need to read By Right of Blood. Check it out in the Kindle store, and on

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