And so it begins . . .

21 Jan

One would think that four abandoned blogs for one writer would be more than enough. I certainly think that. But, in the spirit of jump starting my writing, and getting back on track with a daily entry of babble, here I am, starting a new one.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way. What the heck does ‘the refeathering’ refer to? Well, one of the aforementioned abandoned blogs was my long lost Xanga blog: Songbird’s Nest. Why I ever killed that, I will never know. I was faithful to that blog for nearly five years, updating almost daily. I even had a modest following of faithful readers. Then, for no good reason, other than I was upset with some policy changes made by Xanga, in a fit of pique, I unceremoniously deleted the account. Five years of writing — zip. I was instantly aghast at my action. How could I?

I have not been successful in keeping a blog since. Blogger, Live Journal, and WordPress all have seen me come and go. The biggest culprit is not that I have nothing to write, but the fact that logging into them is a hassle. Xanga used to be easy. These others — not so much. There’s a lot of settings and programming and back door things to navigate. Ok, and I kept forgetting my logins and passwords. (I have more email addresses than I could ever need as well, and tend to forget which ones I’ve signed up with.)


The truth is, I’m using WordPress now because it comes with a lot of nice little applications that allow me to update the blog using MS Word, or my iPod. I can hook into my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even add the little +1 thingy for Google+. No excuse now.

So there you are, all the information you didn’t want or need, and probably won’t read.

Here I go again.



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Posted by on January 21, 2012 in daily babble


One response to “And so it begins . . .

  1. Jesse V Coffey

    January 21, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Welcome back, Songbird. Maybe we’ll filter back to Xanga again. Maybe we’ll stay here. But where you go, I shall follow and faithfully so.


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